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Printing and posting letters from your PC

Information on Ad Hoc Mail - sending letters to print and post from your own PC in any location.

Ad Hoc Mail allows you to send letters to print and post, either by uploading a PDF document, or sending Word documents using a Printer Driver.

Letters can be sent from your PC or laptop when working in the office, at home, or any remote location. You need to log in each day using your Windows or network login details.

When sending the letters to print, options such as postage (first or second class), duplex or simplex printing, mono or colour, the boundary area for each letter in a mail merge can be selected. PDF attachments can be added along with your letter.

A valid cost centre code is required. Single letters or small mail merges (files up to 2MB in size) can be sent.

To send letters through Ad Hoc Mail, letters need to meet certain criteria. More information on the criteria is in the user guide.

If your letters do not meet the criteria, simply send your request by email to

Ad Hoc Mail letters that have been submitted for printing can be viewed and their status monitored. Letters cannot be amended or changed once uploaded, they can however be deleted.

Once a letter or document is submitted, it is queued in a batch with documents submitted by other users. Each working day, the batches are printed off in the Derbyshire Business Centre, then inserted into envelopes and sent for delivery.

Any letters sent via Ad Hoc Mail after 1pm will be processed the next working day. If you have an urgent letter to be sent after 1pm, please email

For more information, please see the Ad Hoc Mail user guidance.

For any queries regarding Ad Hoc Mail, please email