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Project and programme management

Our portfolio management and transformation function ensures we are investing in the right projects and programmes to achieve our strategic objectives; managing change effectively to deliver maximum impact, alongside value for money, for our residents.

We will do this through ensuring that:

  • the council has the right projects and programmes to achieve its strategic objectives
  • investment in projects and programmes is prioritised based on their impact and value for money 
  • there is a consistent, professional standard for project and programme managers to ensure all change activities are run in the most effective and efficient way
  • a culture of continuous improvement is fostered, encouraging innovation and more effective ways of working
  • a strategic overview at a portfolio level leading to better decision-making on impact and value for money
  • high quality data is available for informed decision-making

Find out more about project and programme management

Our SharePoint site has all the information you need on our project and programme management approach including the project and programme management process, advice and guidance for project and programme staff, and document templates. You can ask for access using the SharePoint link.

To find out more, please contact the portfolio management and transformation team email