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Working arrangements policy

We have a diverse set of workforce groups and the way services are delivered varies across departments. Our Working Arrangements Policy outlines the available options to support leaders and their teams. 

Through this policy, we can achieve the right balance between the following 4 key elements: 

  • the efficiency and effectiveness of individuals
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of the individual’s immediate team
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of the interaction between teams across the council when delivering services to residents and communities
  • our ability to regenerate our workforce for the long term 

The full Working Arrangements Policy is attached this page and is underpinned by the following principles:

  • our culture and associated working arrangements are built on mutual trust
  • we will support employees to adopt working arrangements that are operationally viable and enable us to meet business/service needs
  • we recognise the importance of flexibility, the need to reduce our carbon footprint and the importance of personal wellbeing in delivering our services to residents and communities. We must also ensure that we are able to continue to develop our workforce over time through the mutual understanding, experience and resilient connections between people which come from interaction in person
  • all working arrangements should be agreed with an employee’s line manager
  • all employees are expected to work from a safe and enabling space (whether onsite or working remotely) and will have a defined contractual work location
  • all employees can access and work from technology enabled workplaces across the county, considering the most valuable, effective and efficient method of meeting when needed whilst also considering the development of our colleagues
  • all employees can reside both within and outside of Derbyshire (within the UK) but should be visible and accessible both physically and virtually to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for our residents and communities.

Please speak to your manager about the particular working arrangements that will be applied in your role.