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Specialist chairs

We have a contract for the supply of specialist chairs for those employees who have a medical problem, for example, back or neck pain, or for those whose height or weight are lower or higher than average.

Where an employee has a health problem and has been assessed by occupational health, a measurement form is completed as part of that assessment and the chair is ordered by occupational health.

An appropriate chair will then be chosen for the employee, delivered to the workplace, and adjusted to suit the employee's needs. The instructions are left with the user for any future adjustment.

The chair can then be trialled for up to 2 weeks at which time the order to purchase can be placed by occupational health. Chair instructions are attached to this page.

Financial assistance to pay for these and other items provided as adjustments for employees is available from a central access budget.

One of the questions on the form relates to the type of flooring where the chair will be used. This should also be considered when placing orders for normal office chairs. A question about this will be placed on the electronic ordering system for office furniture.