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Coronavirus testing for essential workers

The Government has increased testing to essential workers to reduce the cases of people self-isolating unnecessarily. 

You may have seen that individuals can self-refer for testing however we already have a referral process for employees, foster carers and agency workers in place.

If you or a member of your household are self-isolating due to coronavirus symptoms, please let your line manager know as soon as possible. Your manager will the record you as self-isolating on our HR system so that the HR team can work with senior managers to identify essential workers.

If you’re identified as an essential worker, you’ll get a call from the HR team to discuss your eligibility for testing. If you are eligible, your details will be submitted to the testing service who will contact you to arrange a test.

Not everyone who is self-isolating will need to be tested but please make sure you let your line manger know if you or a member of your household has coronavirus symptoms so that you can be quickly recorded as self-isolating and your manager can support you through your absence.