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Friday 20 March

Coronavirus employee update for Friday 20 March 2020.

Supporting vulnerable people

Those of you who have a email address should have already received an email explaining that we are looking at how we support those employees who have been defined as being vulnerable by the Government. This includes those who are over 70, have underlying health conditions that mean they require the flu jab, are pregnant or have relatives at home who may be in a vulnerable group.

If you don’t have a email address or haven’t already received the email, you can complete the survey online or request a paper copy from your manager.

Please complete the survey by 5pm on Monday 23 March. The data collected will be sent to line managers and, where necessary, they will agree alternative working arrangements with you.


We’re looking for volunteers from our existing workforce who may be willing to work additional hours or carry out alternative duties. This will enable us to make the best use of resources to support our communities and prioritise critical services.

If you think you could help, please complete the volunteer survey which asks for details of your skills and experience and also your availability to work.  

Anyone who volunteers to provide extra support will be asked to discuss this with their line manager before any arrangements are made.

This will be an ongoing survey with volunteer data being regularly distributed to managers during this critical period.

Working from home

As more colleagues across the council switch to working from home, it’s important that everyone continues to consider their health, safety and wellbeing. New advice on temporarily working from home is now available which includes information about display screen equipment, posture, wellbeing and data security.

If members of your team are working from home, please make them aware of this advice.

Further advice on the interim changes to the flexi time scheme

If you currently use the flexi time scheme then you will have received an email about interim changes that have been made. If you need further information about this then a frequently asked questions document is now available alongside the template timesheet.