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Monday 30 March 2020

Coronavirus employee update for Monday 30 March 2020.

Impact of COVID-19 on procurement

We've provided updated information on Our Derbyshire about procurement in response to COVID-19.

The current situation is having an impact across all of our contracts and supply chains and this information will support departments to deal with any procurement or contractual issues which may arise.

The Cabinet Office has issued procurement policy notes which, in certain circumstances, will enable us to purchase goods or services with extreme urgency. They also recommend that we ensure payments to suppliers continue until the end of June 2020, even if they are suffering from disruption to the goods, services and works they normally provide to us. 

If you are involved in procurement in any way, please make sure you are familiar with the new advice and contact a member of the procurement team if you need any further information.

Access to County Hall and Chatsworth

From Tuesday 31 March we will begin to temporarily change access arrangements at County Hall and Chatsworth Hall to ensure we meet our fire safety and evacuation requirements. All changes will be complete by Wednesday 1 April and the new arrangements will be in place until further notice.

Access to County Hall (South Block and North Block) will be via the main entrance on Smedley Street and the rear entrance from the main car park only. The Smedley Street entrance will be the designated disabled access point.

At Chatsworth Hall, only C Block and D Block (Science Block) will remain open.

When arriving in the building you must sign in and give details of the room number you will be working in. You’ll then need to sign out when you leave.

The continued use of the periphery buildings is currently being reviewed and where these remain open, you will need to sign in and out in the same manner.

In the event of the fire alarm being activated you should evacuate using the usual fire exit routes and to the usual evacuation points. A roll call will then take place to ensure everyone is safely out of the building.

We advise you to carry your own pen to sign in and out with to help stop the potential spread of coronavirus.

Keeping healthy and well

Staying healthy and active is still really important during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just because you can’t go to the gym or take part in a fitness class doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do though.

There’s lots of alternatives including online fitness classes, workouts you can do in your living room and lots more.

It's also important to look after your mental health so please visit our wellbeing pages if you'd like any advice or information about the support available.

Find out more about staying healthy and well