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Monday 6 April 2020

Coronavirus employee update for Monday 6 April 2020.

Supporting extremely vulnerable and vulnerable employees

We’ve updated the guidance for managers of employees who are classed as either extremely vulnerable or vulnerable as well as those who live with someone in either of those categories.

The guidance aims to ensure that our vulnerable colleagues are appropriately protected, particularly when their role involves face-to-face work with service users.

Risk assessments for any face-to-face work with service users should include the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. These risk assessments should be shared with all employees including temporary employees and agency workers undertaking that role and must be followed.

If you, or someone you live with, are classed as extremely vulnerable or vulnerable, please speak to your manager so that any necessary arrangements can made to protect you.

Recording self-isolation in SAP

A new absence code named ‘Self-isolation’ has been added to SAP today so that managers can easily report team members who are self-isolating.

Reporting cases of self-isolation can now be done using the same method as reporting absence and the manual self-isolation notification spreadsheet no longer needs to be completed.

When adding a case on SAP please use the self-isolation absence type and select whether your team member is working from home or not by choosing the correct self-solation reason for absence. Do not use the COV19 reason when recording self-isolation as this is for recording sickness due to the coronavirus, either confirmed or suspected.

Please see the HR Advice for Managers for more information.

Celebrating our key workers

We’d like to showcase our key workers as part of a campaign to encourage people to comply with government guidance and highlight the vital work you are doing at this extremely challenging time.

We’re looking for photos, videos or quotes that we can use on our social media accounts, website and printed materials as well as sharing with partner organisations.

If you’re happy to be featured, please send your selfies, team photos or video clips to along with your name, role and location.