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Wednesday 11 March 2020

Coronavirus employee update for Wednesday 11 March 2020.

As part of our management of the Coronavirus outbreak we are preparing for more flexible working, which means we need to make the best possible use of our IT equipment.

As you might imagine we’ve had a lot of demand for laptops over the last two weeks and, while we have more on order, there are issues with the supply of laptops and their parts from China.

We currently have a number of laptops at the council that have not been logged onto the network for over 90 days and, while we know who these laptops are allocated to in some cases, there are many that do not have an ‘owner’ in the records.

We need to recover these laptops as quickly as possible and so our laptop amnesty is now live! Please search cupboards, drawers and anywhere else that laptops might be hiding. If you find one, follow this process:

  • raise a request using Service Desk Online
  • complete the form and select the method of return (IT Service to collect or return via internal postal vans)
  • if 'IT services to collect' is selected you will be notified of a collect date by email
  • if the 'internal postal vans' is select then complete the disposal and reuse form, print if off and attach it to the equipment.

Having the right equipment available to people will make a big difference as we work to ensure we can continue delivering our vital public services, so thank you in advance for your help.

We will work with departmental leads to prioritise the provision of laptops to ensure we can continue to maintain our delivery to the people of Derbyshire.