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Menopause policy

Our menopause policy outlines our commitment to developing a supportive culture for all colleagues experiencing the perimenopause and menopause.

It also aims to educate and inform managers of their responsibility to understand how the perimenopause and menopause can affect individuals, and how they can support those experiencing the menopause at work.

Individuals will experience the menopause differently and whilst for some the symptoms can be mild, for others the symptoms can be quite severe.

Menopause transition does not necessarily lead to reduced performance at work and may be managed with consideration, understanding and in some circumstances, with workplace flexibility.

It is everyone's responsibility to treat people who have menopause symptoms fairly as well as with empathy.

Our menopause policy is attached to this page and in summary, it covers:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • definitions and symptoms
  • link to support, information and training

As part of the implementation of the policy we have also registered on the Menopause Friendly Employer Scheme which is administered by Henpicked.

Being menopause friendly means we will be clear how we support menopause, create an environment where menopause can be talked about easily and put the right support in place for colleagues.


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