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Your physical health

We provide a wide range of support services to help people live healthy lives including information and advice for our employees.

You can also find out more about the public health services on offer across Derbyshire.

Our Live Life Better Derbyshire service supports people who want to make healthier lifestyle choices. We recognise that people’s health is influenced by many factors, and our advisors will work with you to help you lose weight, quit smoking or feel fitter. They can also help you access other services for support with problems such as drinking too much.

Many of us can take steps to change our lifestyle and reduce our risk of developing a wide range of diseases, including:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • some cancers
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • liver disease

It’s not always easy to make changes to our daily routines but even small changes can have a big impact on your overall health.

Visit the Live Life Better Derbyshireto access lots of advice and information or call Live Life Better Derbyshire free on tel: 0800 0852299.

Stop smoking

Stopping smoking is one of the most important things you can do to help improve your health and will benefit your family’s health as well.

The nicotine found in cigarettes and other tobacco products is highly addictive which can make it hard to stop but you’re not on your own. We can help you stop smoking by providing free nicotine replacement therapy and our advisors can help provide you with hints and tips to make a successful quit.

You are 4 times more likely to achieve a successful quit with our help. The Live Life Better Derbyshire website has more information to help you stop smoking.

My Quit Route

You can also download our free commissioned, stop smoking app. My Quit Route is an app that will give you the advice and tools you need to quit smoking for good.

You can use it either on its own or in combination with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (such as patches, gums, sprays or lozenges), stop smoking medications (such as Champix or Zyban) or e-cigarettes.

You can download My Quit Route for Apple and Android.

Achieve a healthy weight

Losing weight isn't just about the numbers on the scales - it's about how you feel inside.

It’s about taking a broader approach to weight loss instead of just focusing on dieting or what's on your plate.

It involves thinking about what you're eating, finding your emotional eating triggers and looking for long term solutions by making small changes.

Live Life Better Derbyshire offers free weight management support which will help you to set, and achieve, your long term weight loss goals

To take part in our free,12 week, weight management course you’ll need to take our health and wellbeing MOT in order to check your eligibility.

Becoming fitter

Getting active is one of the best ways that you can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Whatever your starting point or current activity levels, Live Life Better Derbyshire has plenty of advice for becoming fitter.

Physical activity is not just about structured exercise classes and working up a sweat in the gym though. It’s the everyday activities such as housework, walking to work, gardening and dancing to the radio in your kitchen.

Our colleague Rob who is a Senior Transport Officer, regularly cycles to work and between meetings to improve his fitness and lower his carbon footprint. In the following video Rob tells us more about why he chooses to cycle and how you can get started including information about the Cycle to Work scheme.

Gary Wilson, who's part of the property staff at Denby Depot attended an MOT appointment a couple of years ago, he said:

“It was a painless and non-intrusive experience. Although it highlighted a couple of issues, it was better to find out about them early rather than have an unpleasant surprise in the future.

“There are a wide range of additional services that you can be referred to depending on what your MOT picks up. I was initially advised to go to my GP and ended up being prescribed some medication that probably saved my life. I also attended Occupational Health and was referred for a course of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which helped me to develop different, less destructive coping mechanisms than the ones I was using at the time.

“I now feel better than ever and fully recommend everyone to seize the opportunity.”

Flu vaccinations

Flu can be an unpleasant disease for healthy people, but for vulnerable people it can be fatal. We offer free flu jabs for employees who work directly with older people, disabled children and other vulnerable groups.