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Democratic Services including Member Support

Source: Democracy Registration and Business Centre retention schedule version 1.0, adopted Dec 2021, expires end Dec 2023

A pdf version of this retention schedule, including full version history, is held in the EDRM Retention Schedules folder.

See an explanation of the 6+ Rule and all other standard disposition codes.

Democratic Services

DEM 1.01: Formal recording of cabinet and committee meetings

Disposition: PERM

Example(s): Cabinet and committee minutes, reports, decision digests

Rationale: Common practice

Locations: Modern Records, for transfer to Derbyshire Record Office after 20 years

DEM 1.02: Registration of elected members’ declarations of interest and acceptance of office

Disposition: CASE+6 (closure point: election of new council)

Example(s): Register of interests, acceptance of office, declaration

Rationale: Localism Act 2011, Section 29

Locations: Shared drive

School admission appeals

CHILD 8.01: School admission appeal case files

Disposition: DOB+25

Example(s): Appeal file

Rationale: Common Practice, drawn from children's services retention schedule. In case of Special Educational Needs And Disability (SEND) see CHILD 5.01

Locations: Shared drive

Member Support

MEM 1.01: Provision of support to council members

Disposition: CASE+6 (closure point: election of new council)

Example(s): Secretaries correspondence, constituent case management file

Rationale: Common Practice

Locations: Shared drive