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Printing, photocopying and scanning

Information and advice about keeping information safe and secure when printing, photocopying and scanning.


Take care when printing in open plan or unsecure offices.

When printing documents on a shared printer always select the 'locked print' option. This can be found in the printer properties menu. You'll need to input a code into the printer in order to unlock and print off the document. For more advice contact the helpdesk on ext: 37777.

  • always collect print outs as quickly as possible
  • make sure you pick up all your print outs - never leave confidential documents on a printer
  • always check that originals are removed from the photocopier as well as any copies
  • correctly dispose of your paper waste
  • remember that spoiled photocopies and prints may still be confidential. Do not put them straight into the bin - treat them as confidential waste
  • if a photocopier jams or a printer stops with confidential information still being printed, retrieve the information as soon as possible


When scanning a document, make sure that you always input the correct email address. Your data champion can set you up to scan on your printer.