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Information security at work

With so many different offices and buildings, it's important to look after security anywhere that personal or confidential information is held.

Data Demon - Is that personal data? don't leave it here

Keeping office areas secure and making sure that, wherever possible, they are separated from public areas is important.

Keeping information secure can include simple things like keeping desks clear of any confidential information and locking it away overnight.


  • always take confidential or sensitive information off desks when you leave the room
  • never leave confidential or sensitive information where other people could see it
  • always keep confidential information in a locked cabinet or drawer
  • lock sensitive information away out of sight in a drawer or filing cabinet when you're not working on it
  • always wear your ID badge and report its loss or theft immediately
  • make sure all visitors sign in and out at all times
  • all visitors must announce who they are coming to see
  • visitors must be supervised at all times
  • check the identity of strangers in office areas, for example, if they're not accompanied by a member of staff or they are not wearing a corporate ID badge
  • be aware of anyone trying to follow you through a security door - take them back to reception or a public area if necessary
  • members of the public who don't want to discuss private matters in a public area should be offered the opportunity to be seen elsewhere