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Mobile phones

Mobile phones have become more commonly used in our personal and work lives but are open to security breaches.

In order to keep information safe and secure for our staff, the following rules should be followed when using a work provided mobile phone.


  • mobile phones are for work-related calls only, unless there is an emergency
  • before using a mobile phone - ask if the call is necessary or if it can wait until you can use a landline
  • when visiting council locations, use existing land lines to make essential work-related calls but ask for permission before using the phone
  • never send sensitive and confidential information by text message as it is not a secure method
  • be aware of your surroundings before making a confidential call
  • if you have to use the camera or video on your phone be aware of your surroundings and make sure you are not breaching the Data Protection Act
  • it's your responsibility to keep your phone and any equipment safe
  • never leave the phone unattended
  • never swap SIM cards from one mobile handset to another
  • return the phone when no longer needed
  • mobile phones should never be used when driving or controlling any vehicle
  • never send inappropriate text messages or images
  • never take pictures or video without consent

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