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Information security away from work

Laptops, mobile phones, wireless internet, USBs – we’ve got lots of useful tools for working when on the move, but they come with additional security issues.

This section looks at information security when you are not at your desk. Looking after information is everyone's responsibility. We could be fined up to £500,000 for a security breach. That's money we can't use on jobs and services.

Working from home

Council owned equipment is insured under our insurance policy subject to £250 excess per incident. There are some conditions of cover:

  • While being transported in vehicles, computer equipment should be locked in the boot out of sight
  • Computer equipment must not be left in vehicles overnight or while the vehicle is unattended
  • Theft of equipment from the home is only covered where there is evidence of a forcible or violent entry to or from the premises. Walk in thefts are not covered, and neither are unexplained disappearances

You are asked to ensure the security of council equipment to the best of your ability. If an incident arises, please report this to your line manager and to the risk and insurance section immediately so that a claim can be set up. email:

Keeping equipment and information safe

Laptops should be turned off when not in use to protect from overheating.

When travelling by car, keep laptops in a purpose designed laptop bag, with essential padding to protect against damage.

General data security

We have a responsibility to ensure that person-identifiable information is held securely and that confidentiality is respected and safeguarded.

You are responsible for the security of sensitive paper records or information while it is in your possession. You must remember to:

  • remove and return records to their proper location in a secure container, preferably a lockable briefcase - loose bundles of paper, open-top carriers and plastic bags are not acceptable
  • lock papers away securely and treat them in the same way that personal valuables would be looked after. Ensure that others around you or in your household do not have sight of, or access to, any confidential or sensitive information
  • take all work-related personal information to your office for confidential disposal - never throw it in your household waste or recycling bins

Important things to remember when you're working away from the office

  • never leave equipment unattended and be aware of your surroundings
  • never lend your work equipment to anyone else
  • always encrypt mobile equipment
  • never tell anyone else your password

If you become aware of something that you think could be a potential risk to security or confidentiality, you must immediately report it to the Service Desk.