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Taking work home

If it's necessary to take work home, you should consider the most secure method of working, and take extra precautions when working outside of your office.

If you take sensitive paper records home you are responsible for the security of the information while in your possession. You must remember to:

  • log which records you are taking and when
  • only take home what can be finished and returned to the office the next working day
  • return the records the next day, and if you can't, you must inform your manager who will log the delay
  • remove and return records to their proper location in a secure container, preferably a lockable briefcase - loose bundles of paper, open-top carriers and plastic bags are not acceptable
  • lock papers away securely and treat them in the same way that personal valuables would be looked after
  • take all work related personal information to your office for confidential disposal - never throw it in your household waste or recycling bins