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USBs, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives

Information stored on portable storage devices such as USBs, DVDs and CDs is at a higher risk from loss, theft, damage or corruption.

Any portable storage devices that you want to use for storing confidential or sensitive information must be encrypted before use.

Make sure you’re following these steps to keep data secure:

  • contact the ICT service desk internally on ext: 37777 to find out which portable storage devices are approved for business use
  • all sensitive information saved on portable devices must be protected to an approved encryption standard
  • no one other than you must know the encryption or decryption password for your storage device
  • encrypted USB devices can be requested on Service Desk Online
  • never give your USB, DVDs or other portable storage device to anyone else for safe keeping
  • never leave USBs or other equipment unattended in a public place
  • sensitive or personal information held on any equipment must be destroyed when no longer needed
  • protect equipment from damage
  • return all equipment to the ICT Service or your line manager if you leave our employment
  • report the loss of any equipment either via Service Desk Online or by calling ICT service desk on ext: 37777.