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Working with the public

Members of the public can access our computers and the internet in our libraries and other locations - we need to make sure that they're using them properly.

Staff are responsible for making sure members of the public using equipment follow the acceptable usage policy.

Public and staff should not create, look at, copy, or publish material that is:

  • sexually explicit or obscene
  • racist, sexist, homophobic, defamatory, harassing or in any other way discriminatory or offensive
  • criminal or illegal, or promotes criminal or illegal activities
  • contains images, cartoons or jokes that will cause offence

People must read and accept an on-screen version of this code of conduct before they can use the internet.

People must not use the public internet for processing confidential, work-related information.

Privately owned laptops can be used to connect to filtered guest wireless points in some of our buildings. No other type of connection is allowed from privately owned devices.