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Job evaluation

Job evaluation is the evaluation of new and existing roles that change over time. It is a systematic way of assessing the relative size of jobs across the council. This is important to ensure that we comply with the Equality Act 2010.

Job evaluation is carried out by the pay and reward team within the reward and resourcing function by trained evaluators, using the Korn Ferry (Hay) Scheme and where required in conjunction with a joint trade union job evaluation panel. It is carried out based on business need following a request from the line manager.

All jobs subject to single status terms and conditions of employment require a job evaluation to determine their grade. There are some exceptions / additions to this that will be advised to you by your HR business partners.

When making a change to a job, considering a restructure to a team or service or creating a new job, you should talk to your HR business partners. Consult your HR business partners at the earliest opportunity when planning a restructure.

Find details of your HR business partners.


The changes will be assessed by the HR business partners using the local assessment criteria. All jobs will be assessed before recruitment activity commences.

If a job evaluation is required, the following information must be submitted:

  • a job and person profile showing changes if editing an existing profile
  • the existing and proposed organisation chart clearly showing the job and its subordinate, peer roles and reporting lines and any changes
  • a fully completed job evaluation request form

Jobs will be submitted for evaluation by the HR business partners following discussion with you.

The job evaluation process flow chart which is attached to this page explains what needs to be assessed, who by, as well as how long it takes once you have submitted a job for evaluation.

You may be asked to discuss your role directly with the pay and reward team along with your HR business partners if more information is required prior to any evaluation taking place.

The decision of the evaluators is final and will only be reviewed if new information is provided. All the information you require for job evaluation is included on this page.

The timescales for carrying out job evaluation are included on this page along with dates of scheduled joint trade union job evaluation panels.

Local assessment criteria

Some changes can be assessed by the HR business partners, and provided they meet the following criteria, will not require evaluation. It is essential that you discuss with your HR business partners to ensure these criteria can be applied and that records of changes can be kept:

  • changes to job title
  • changes to job and person profile format or rewording of existing information
  • recruiting to an existing job that is vacant and where there are no changes to that job
  • adding a duplicate post into a structure or team

Job family and job title

During the grading process, job family and job title will be confirmed. Job families and use of generic titles support resourcing flexibility, career development and redeployment. As part of job family implementation many different job titles were simplified to a set of generic titles.

Departmental HR business partners will discuss with managers the most appropriate job family and title for the role and this will be agreed by the job evaluation panel.

See more information on job families.