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Work experience managers guidance

We're committed to supporting and providing high quality work experience and placement opportunities.

It's a valuable way of giving a realistic insight into the world of work, supporting people's aspirations and achievements, developing their self-confidence, and influencing their plans for the future. 

For many, work experience and placements are a natural starting point on their own career pathway. Also, the people taking part may return to us in the future as an apprentice, a graduate or as a full-time employee. 

It's important to get the basics right. Good preparation and creating an open working environment will ensure a positive experience both for the individual and for the manager and staff supporting them.

Applications and the types of work experience we offer

To make sure we provide a positive experience, we offer different types of work experience and placements.

If a student falls into a category where we can accept their application, they must complete an online application form. Our external website has details on how students can apply.

If you receive a direct work experience or placement request from someone who doesn't fall into one of the categories, you could suggest that another way of gaining work experience is through volunteering

How you can support work experience placements

We’re always looking for line managers who can host work experience and placement requests.

We have a central database with key contacts across all of our departments who we can call on when we receive applications.

If you want to be added to this database, contact