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Apprenticeships line manager approval guidance

Approving or declining an apprenticeship application for an existing employee.

As the line manager of an employee applying for an apprenticeship you will receive an email notifying you when the applicant has submitted their digital application. Included in your email will be the detailed application content so that you can review it. This email will come from

You will then receive a second email asking you to approve or reject the application. As the application process is automated, it will not progress any further until you have either approved or declined the application.

Please note that the second approval email will come from sender 'Microsoft Flow' ( and may appear in the 'Other' folder of your inbox.

If you reject the application an email will be forwarded automatically to the applicant. Please arrange a meeting with the employee to provide feedback on your decision. 

Approving the application

Upon line manager approval, the application will automatically be forwarded to the senior manager, grade 15 and above for approval, details will be identified in the application form. The senior manager may ask the relevant senior leadership team to consider the application in line with wider department workforce planning and development requirements prior to approving or declining the application.

If the application is approved, the line manager and employee will receive an email confirming the approval outcome.

If the application is declined, the line manager will receive an email in the first instance, with the employee receiving notification 10 days later. This allows time for the line manager to arrange a discussion with the employee to provide feedback. Please note that managerial approvals confirm support for the apprenticeship, which is conditional upon:

  1. Apprenticeship levy funding availability being confirmed.
  2. Nationally approved learning provider being contracted with, sourced via external procurement process (if DACES cannot deliver).
  3. Final applicant skills scan / eligibility check (against government Apprenticeship Funding Rules) undertaken by learning provider at point of enrolment (could result in ineligibility or a more suitable level of / or apprenticeship being identified for the applicant).

Leadership apprenticeships

Please note the grade 15 and above approval for Leadership Apprentice applications will be managed differently due to cohort approach. After approval by line manager, the application will be held by the leadership development team until the closing date for applications to join the cohort. The application will then be submitted along with other applications from within the department for consideration by SMT / DMT as appropriate.