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Keeping information secure

18 February 2022

With so many colleagues working across different locations, it’s important to look after information security anywhere that personal or confidential information is held.

Help keep information secure by remembering to:

  • always wear your ID badge in offices
  • never leave confidential or sensitive information where other people could see it
  • check the identity of strangers in office areas if they're not accompanied by a member of staff or they’re not wearing a corporate ID badge
  • be very careful when sending information by email to make sure you’re sending it to the right people and in the right way
  • complete your information security training annually, ensure that all new starters have completed the training
  • store electronic and paper information securely
  • never leave keys in the lock of lockable cabinets
  • lock your computer screen when away from the desk
  • dispose of confidential waste appropriately in blue bins
  • consider your postal arrangements, it is important that post reaches its intended destination
  • be mindful of your surroundings and who may be able to hear your conversations
  • report any concerns you may have about the security of information

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