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Our budget

Information and updates to keep you informed about our budget situation.

Like many other councils, we're currently facing financial pressures, many of which are simply outside our control. These include inflationary pressures, meeting the cost of the national pay award and increasing demand on the services we provide.

As a result, we currently have a number of cost saving measures in place to help tackle our forecast overspend for 2023-24. In addition, we've predicted that we have a shortfall of around £40 million in our budget for the year ahead.

Unfortunately, we have no choice but to consider making savings by changing, reducing or stopping some of the services we provide. Savings proposals have been put forward by each department and will be considered by Full Council as part of our budget-setting process.

Many of the proposals, if it is agreed for them to go forward, will be subject to further Cabinet reports and then followed by appropriate engagement or consultation before any final decisions are made.

Wellbeing support

We appreciate that the news about our financial challenges could be worrying to colleagues. Please speak to your line manager if you have any concerns or questions.

Please remember that we have a variety of wellbeing support services available to employees. This includes our employee assistance programme which offers expert advice and compassionate guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering a wide range of issues.