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Producing a leaflet or poster

Information for our employees about creating, designing, printing and distributing leaflets and posters.

If you need a leaflet or poster, before you start to think about the content or what it should look like, you need to consider:

  • who your audience is and if you need to have different messages for different audiences
  • what information you want your audience to have
  • what you want your audience to do as a result of reading your poster or leaflet
  • how you're going to get your item to your audience - often producing a leaflet is the easy part, getting your leaflet to your audience can be time consuming, so before you start you need to decide how you are going to do this
  • if a piece of print is the most relevant way to get this information across to your audience or if you could do this in another way

Once you've written the text for your leaflet or poster you will then need to decide if this job can be produced by yourself, our in-house graphic designers or if you need to ask a graphic design agency to produce the artwork for you.

In-house graphic design

If you need to produce simple leaflets and posters, our in-house graphic design team in the business centre at County Hall can design and create artwork for you. You can contact them at

Using a graphic design agency

The communications division can help you with this, please email: for further help. They can provide you with a list of graphic designers who are familiar with our corporate style.

Once your item has been designed you will need to gain print approval. Just email the artwork to

Once approved, you can contact the business centre to arrange for it to be printed.

Getting your item printed

The Derbyshire Business Centre can produce a variety of printed items including A4 posters and leaflets. They can also produce A5 or DL items. They can staple, fold or bind documents.

However, if your requirement cannot be met by the business centre, the team will obtain print quotes on your behalf from the printers on our print framework. The business centre will choose the best price and send the artwork to the relevant printer. They'll let you know which printer they have selected (based on price) so that you can place the order on Orderpoint in the usual way.

For more information please email:


The business centre also provide a range of packing and distribution services. Each week their vans visit all the county's area offices, schools and libraries. For more information and a quote please email: