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Flexible retirement

Information and guidance on flexible retirement. 

Employees aged 55 and over (excluding those employed by a school) have the right to apply to flexibly retire to help them ease into retirement, by reducing contracted hours by a minimum of 50%.

Requests will be considered in line with the needs of the service and our policy is contained in the employer discretions document attached to this page.

Members of the Local Government Pension Scheme may be able to start receiving their pension from the age of 55, however pension benefits will normally be reduced if retiring earlier than the normal retirement age.

You should consider the financial, tax and pension implications of your request. You can find out more about flexible retirement on the Derbyshire Pension Fund website.

If you wish to make an application for flexible retirement you can download a flexible retirement request form and discuss it with your line manager to see if your request can be supported.

A pensions estimate can be obtained from the Derbyshire Pension Fund website using their pension calculator tool.

If you decide to take flexible retirement, pension benefits are paid based on what you have accrued up to the point of commencing your reduced hours, subject to any reductions for retiring early. You can continue to make further pension contributions in your reduced hours should you wish to into a new pension record.

The option to defer your pension is not available when taking flexible retirement.

You can obtain a written pension estimate once a flexible retirement application has been submitted. This ensures it is based on accurate pay information confirmed by HR services.

Flexible retirement process

The flexible retirement process is detailed below. Please be aware that due to the approval stages required, and time needed to produce pension figures, the process should be started with as much notice as possible, and no final date can be confirmed until the process is complete.

  1. Download a copy of the flexible retirement request form.
  2. Employee completes section A and discusses request with line manager.
  3. Line manager completes section B1 of the flexible retirement request form, having agreed the request with the head of service.
  4. If the request is supported, the flexible retirement request form should be submitted by the line manager to HR Business Support.
  5. HR will acknowledge receipt of the form and request a pension cost estimate from Derbyshire Pension Fund.
  6. Once the pension cost estimate has been received, a HR resourcing manager will review the request and ask for more information if needed.
  7. Following support by the resourcing manager and confirmation of any pension cost to the council, approval from the relevant service director is sought.
  8. If supported by the service director, the request is sent to the next available monthly personnel issues group (PIG) for review.
  9. Once approved by PIG, the request is sent to the department’s executive director for final approval.
  10. When all necessary approvals are granted, HR will inform the line manager of approval and send a copy of the approved flexible retirement request form to HR services and Derbyshire Pension Fund who will await confirmation of the actual start date of reduced hours.
  11. The line manager should discuss the outcome with the employee and advise HR Services via Workplace of the revised working pattern and agreed start date.
  12. Once the start date is confirmed, HR services will provide pay details to Derbyshire Pension Fund to allow calculation and payment of pension to the employee.
  13. Derbyshire Pension Fund will contact the employee to request the relevant pension forms are completed to enable appropriate payments to be made.

If you have any questions about flexible retirement please contact your departmental resourcing manager within the HR reward and resourcing team, Derbyshire Pension Fund or email