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Internet and email

Think twice before pressing send on that email. Sending information electronically is full of pitfalls and emails are subject to data protection too.

data demon you cant unsend personal dataWe can be hit with huge fines if sensitive information goes to the wrong person - even if it's accidental.


  • only use our email service - never use your personal email to send confidential, work related emails
  • emails are not secure unless they're encrypted - consider using another means to send confidential information
  • if essential, write names, addresses and contact details in the body of the email and not the subject line
  • in Outlook, use the Secure Email button at the top of the email and this will secure it further
  • acknowledge emails within 24 hours and respond fully within 10 working days
  • under law your emails can, if required, be released to other people - this can include your personal emails
  • check you're sending the email to the right person - your email system often auto-suggests names for you when you start to type in a recipient - make sure they're correct
  • be careful when using group email addresses - check who's in the group and make sure you really want to send your message to everyone
  • never send offensive emails about other people, their private lives or anything else that can bring us into disrepute
  • never send confidential or sensitive information by SMS text and instant messaging services
  • don't open or reply to emails that claim to come from your bank that ask for your account, credit card details or your password
  • never open spam email - not even to unsubscribe. Report the email internally on ext: 37777

Internet use

Internet and email are vital tools in helping to serve the people of Derbyshire and these tools need to be fast and reliable. Personal use takes up capacity that should be available to support service delivery.

You can use our internet system for personal use in your own time only (before work, during lunchtime or after work). Personal use of our email address - is not allowed at any time.

Downloading files

You must not download executable files, licensed or unlicensed software programs, or music and video files from the internet unless specifically approved by transformation service. These can contain viruses that may harm our computer systems.