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Mobile working

Teleworking and mobile working gives staff more freedom to work from different locations. It lets you work on, or access our information, away from your usual workplace. It has security risks, however.

You should consider the most secure method of working and take extra precautions when working outside of your office.

Unauthorised people may be able to easily get hold of, read and potentially tamper with confidential information.

To keep information safe and secure when working away from your usual location remember the following guidance:

  • when mobile or teleworking access to our information, networks and applications must be through the secure Juniper access portal
  • only access work emails from home or other remote locations through the Juniper access portal or the link on our access page
  • only use a home wifi system as a last resort – and ensure that the network is as secure as possible
  • remove all work related USBs from your PC when not in use
  • make sure laptops and other equipment are kept secure and out of sight
  • never save confidential or sensitive information on your PC hard drive
  • do not leave confidential work or equipment on display or in your car overnight
  • do not send sensitive or personal work related emails from your personal home email as this may not be secure
  • always shut down equipment when not working on it
  • do not mix home and work storage devices
  • any equipment used to transfer information to and from home must be virus-checked each time when returned to the workplace
  • the loss of any equipment or files must be immediately reported
  • if you take work home make sure equipment is properly encrypted - learn more about encryption