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Access our systems

Information for employees, colleagues, schools, partners, suppliers and external guests to help access our email, computer systems and externally shared Teams sites.

We offer remote access to a range of systems and resources. Please choose the role that best describes you. 


Manager guidance on access to Digital Services systems is attached to this page.

This provides guidance on the agreed procedures for access to Digital Services systems for:

  1. Starters and leavers
  2. Employees on:
    • disciplinary suspension
    • maternity leave
    • long-term sickness absence
    • long-term unpaid leave
  3. Partner organisation employees


You are:

  • employed by us
  • an agency worker working for us
  • a student working for us
  • a volunteer working for us

Employees can remotely access the following services:

  • applications, files and folders via Direct Access
  • Outlook via Microsoft Office Online
  • Skype for Business app on personal mobile devices
  • Mosaic via remote access portal
  • SAP OrderPoint via remote access portal
  • self-service password reset via remote access portal

School workers

You are employed by us and based in a school.

School workers can remotely access SAP services using the remote access portal.


You are:

  • an NHS worker that accesses our applications and resources
  • a Barnardo's worker that accesses our applications and resources

Partners can remotely access Mosaic via remote access portal.


You are:

  • a software supplier
  • a software developer
  • external IT support

Authorised third parties can remotely access the remote access portal.

External guests

You are an external colleague working collaboratively with Derbyshire and do not have an email address.

External guests can access externally shared Team sites using an internet browser.  Guidance on how to do this is available under Microsoft Teams - guest access.