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Travel policy

All travel should be approved in advance and employees have a responsibility to ensure that the cost to the council is kept to a minimum, co-ordinating travel, where possible, to keep the number of separate car journeys to a minimum.

Our travel policy is attached to this page and outlines our approach to the requirements and eligibility for pay and allowances for undertaking work related journeys and excess travel arrangements for employees who are redeployed or move work base.

This policy applies to all employees and reflects the claimable mileage and travel time reflective of the employee’s profile type.  

The policy also applies to student placements and volunteers who are not employed by the council who are eligible to make work related travel claims. 

Work related travel is defined as any journey undertaken in the direction of your duties, this includes attending seminars, conferences, ad hoc training and vocational training funded by the council.

Topics covered by this policy include:

  • economical and sustainable travel
  • using an electric pool car
  • work related travel by car according to your employee profile
  • excess mileage
  • excess travel time allowance
  • how to make a claim
  • qualification courses and training
  • public transport
  • taxi fares