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Vehicle hire

We can offer hired vehicles for officers to undertake official journeys in instead of using personal vehicles.

All journeys should be agreed with your manager and any journeys over 200 miles should be agreed with the assistant director.

You should discuss with your manager if you do not wish to use a hire vehicle for a journey over 120 miles. Unless more than 4 people are going on a visit only one vehicle should be hired for that visit.

If you need to hire a car at short notice (2 working days or less) then please contact us to confirm availability of the vehicle.

Complete a vehicle hire form

You will receive a confirmation email of your booking. If there are any alterations or amendments from the initial booking please email

Vehicle delivery

The vehicle will be delivered to your home or work base. If you are not available at the time of delivery, the keys will be put through your door.

If you are present the vehicle will be checked with you and any damage noted on the damage sheet. If you are not present please check the vehicle when you get the keys.

If the details on the hire sheet (including fuel level) or the damage sheet are incorrect please let us know at the first opportunity during normal working hours, email

Do not wait until the end of the hire period to report any problems.


Only drivers nominated on the request for vehicle hire form are insured to drive the vehicle. The insurance only covers the car for business purposes and must not be used for personal reasons before or after the agreed journey or during the agreed journey.

A copy of your driving licence will be required before hire and will be held on file for 12 months for subsequent requests.


Details for emergency breakdowns are in all the vehicles and on the hire forms. Breakdown services will send help for running out of fuel or flat tyres, but this is chargeable.

Refuelling after the journey

The vehicle will be delivered full of fuel. Whilst the company can refuel the vehicle after your journey, we are charged a fee for this on top of the cost of the fuel. It is therefore preferable if you could refill the vehicle on completion of your journey.

Reclaiming fuel expenses

Ensure you obtain a VAT receipt and claim these expenses by completing a fuel claim for vehicle hire form and send it to for payment. You should be reimbursed 10 to 15 working days after the submission of the claim form.

Returning the vehicle

At the end of the hire if you are not able to be present when the vehicle is collected, the keys should be left in a secure place as agreed with the hire company when arranging collection.

Please note that if delivery is scheduled for before 8am this will most probably take place the night before. Also if collection is scheduled for after 5.30pm this will probably take place the following morning, so please make arrangements accordingly.

If for any reason you are delayed or have any other problems, please let both us and Enterprise know as soon as you can.

Change in circumstances

If your driving circumstances change, you must inform us before your next hire request.