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The framework for managing harassment claims raised by employees.

The harassment procedure is attached to this page and is supplemented by:

  • manager guidance
  • top tips
  • policy briefings
  • clarification of manager and HR responsibilities


The aim of the procedure is to make clear our commitment to eliminating harassment and bullying and to set out the framework by which any harassment claim from an employee will be addressed as quickly and fairly as possible.

It sets out definitions of harassment and bullying, key principles, exclusions from the procedure, respective roles and responsibilities and the informal and formal stages you should follow to address the harassment claim.


The aim of this document is to provide advice and guidance on addressing an employee’s claim of harassment as quickly and fairly as possible. It should be read with the harassment and bullying procedure.

Guidance is provided on:

  • identifying and preventing harassment and bullying
  • addressing harassment and bullying claims including investigation
  • possible outcomes
  • use of mediation
  • counselling
  • trade union input
  • confidentiality, time limits and managing performance
  • examples of harassment, bullying and victimisation

Top tips

Attached to this page are some quick tips to help you address harassment claims.

The tips aim to give you advice on other people’s experience which you may not find in the procedures or the manager guidance. They include tips on:

  • prevention
  • the informal approach
  • gathering information
  • the formal approach

Policy briefings

A policy briefing presentation and handouts are attached to this page.

Policy briefings are provided by departmental HR. For presenters, additional notes are available from HR development.

Manager and HR responsibilities

A summary of manager and HR responsibilities for implementing this procedure is attached to this page including:

  • guidance on respective responsibilities at the informal and formal stages of the procedure
  • what's expected of managers in implementing each stage of the procedure and the support they can expect at each stage from HR

Please contact departmental HR if you have any queries on this.