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Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

The security we use to confirm user's identity when logging in to our services and how to register your phone for multi-factor authentication.

We use multi-factor authentication as an extra layer of security to confirm the user’s identity when logging in to the following services:

Please see the document attached to this page for more information.

Register your phone for multi-factor authentication


Visit the Service Desk Online using the desktop icon on your Derbyshire computer and select Remote Access, Provide Mobile Number(s) for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

You’ll just need to provide us with your phone number that you want to receive your verification codes and calls on.

Once you’ve submitted the request you’ll be setup to receive MFA verification codes and calls within 30 minutes.


Contact the Service Desk tel: 01629 537777 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.