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Support for employees on pay protection

If you're on pay protection, we're committed to providing support to help you achieve your previous pay levels and to help you with your career progression.

Our policy on pay protection is attached to this page.

This provides 2 years' protection for an employee's basic pay where it is reduced as a result of:

  • organisational restructuring
  • redeployment into a suitable alternative vacancy where the individual is at risk of or under notice of redundancy
  • redeployment into a suitable alternative vacancy on ill-health grounds
  • the introduction of a revised pay and grading system

Other terms and conditions of employment will be those of the new job.

Guaranteed interview status

If you're on pay protection you'll receive 'guaranteed interview status' for vacancies at the same grade or below. This may not apply to jobs in schools.

You should identify in your job application that you are on pay protection and have guaranteed interview status.

Guaranteed interview arrangements will not apply to jobs which constitute promotion.

Portable pay protection

If you're currently on pay protection, you may be thinking of moving to a job on the same or lower pay but with better prospects.

If you do, we'll continue to protect your pay until the agreed date, as long as the move is likely to ultimately result in the removal or reduction of your pay protection and the vacancy is a job that's covered by single status.

You should discuss with your line manager or the recruiting manager if a vacancy is suitable prior to applying.


All internal and external jobs are advertised on our jobs and careers site. You'll need to register to see internal vacancies.

Internal vacancies are also advertised at our centres around the county.

You can also sign up for email alerts to new jobs.

Vacancy sheets showing all external vacancies are also available at our centres and in libraries across the county.

Training and development support for employees on pay protection

Details of the other sources of support and advice can be found on our redeployment page.

Career planning

Your manager will help you in your My Plan one-to-one sessions to consider your career options and any training and development that might help.

There is loads of information about careers and work experience on the Derbyshire County Council website, including information about opportunities across our range of services.

When considering different career options, you can find information about job families on the Derbyshire County Council website, detailing many of our different types of jobs. The job family role profiles describe the typical responsibilities, knowledge, skills and experience required for jobs at each level of a job family and the map of grades across job families can be found.

You may find it useful to access information about careers in local government on the local government jobs website or for careers in care on the skills for care website.


It's anticipated that in certain circumstances it's possible to protect pension benefits accrued prior to 1 April 2014 where there has been a reduction in pensionable pay within 10 years of leaving.

The LGPS provides, in the event of a reduction in pensionable pay under certain circumstances, within 10 years of the date of retirement or leaving the scheme, for pension benefits to be calculated using final pay. This is the annual average of the best 3 consecutive years ending with 31 March, within a period of 13 years ending with the last day of scheme membership.

Benefits accrued from 1 April 2014 are based on the new Local Government Pension Scheme. This is a career average revalued earnings scheme.

There is more information of how final pay is calculated prior to April 2014 on the Derbyshire Pension Fund website.