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Electric pool cars

Our fleet of electric pool cars are available for all employees and councillors to use for business journeys and support of our carbon reduction pledges.

Our 8 full electric Nissan Leaf pool vehicles help reduce the number of grey fleet miles we travel on council business. Grey fleet miles are business miles covered in an employee’s own vehicle where mileage is claimed back at £0.45 per mile.

Five are based at County Hall with three more individually at Darley Dale depot, Ambergate Fleet Workshops and Brimington Fleet Workshops.

If you need to make a business journey you should use one of the electric pool cars rather than your own vehicle wherever possible. The exception to this will be when there are no pool cars available for the dates and times that you need one.

This might mean that you can travel from home or another base by cycling, walking, using public transport or in some cases your own car, and then make an onward business journey in a pool car.

If you need to make a journey over 110 miles and an electric pool car is not available, you must complete a vehicle hire form rather than use your own vehicle.

Please remember to think about whether you really need to make a journey or if there is an alternative to travelling.

Booking an electric vehicle

Before you can use the electric pool cars you need to register as a user. You'll need to have had your annual driving licence check within the last 12 months. This should be done by your line manager.

Once you've registered as an electric vehicle user please email to arrange a vehicle familiarisation session. This familiarisation session will involve a short drive and explanation of the vehicle features to make sure you understand how to use the car (including charging). You’ll then be able to use the online booking system to book vehicles. There is a booking user guide and a quick start guide attached to this page.

Book an electric vehicle

If you have any problems making a booking please email

Any issues with the vehicles or charging points should be reported to Commissionaires or site reception for vehicles not based at County Hall. Alternatively, please email

Using an electric pool car

The electric pool vehicles based at County Hall will be parked either on the lower terrace or in the staff car park at the electric charging points. For vehicles based at other locations please go to site reception to be advised of their location.

Vehicles should be left on charge no matter the length of journey undertaken and can travel up to 160 miles before needing to be charged again.

A fleet vehicle pack including a driver’s daily walk around checklist is available in the vehicle and includes all the information you will need about using the cars including what to do in the event of a breakdown, accident, fault or damage to the vehicle.

When using the electric pool cars you need to ensure that you follow our health and safety guidance and policies including mobile phone safe use and substance misuse.

Please remember to leave the car in a clean and tidy state, remove all of your possessions and take any litter with you.