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Smarter travel

We have made significant steps to reduce the distance travelled on council business in our own cars and council vehicles by half since 2009. The numbers are still large, at around 9 million miles, equivalent to 360 around the world trips! This costs millions of pounds, generates thousands of tonnes of carbon and adds to congestion on our roads.

In our climate change strategy we've set targets to reduce the carbon emissions from travelling, which means both travelling less and choosing different ways to travel. Our smarter travel initiative helps us save money and protect services by focussing on:

  1. Travel to work - through our 'Miles Better' campaign.
  2. Avoiding travel by using technology like Teams.
  3. Travel for work - 'travelling smarter', including use of electric pool cars and alternatives to the car. 

What else we're doing

We aim to provide efficient and fit-for-purpose transport for people using our services - for example through travelling to school or to our centres.

We have a sustainable modes of travel strategy to improve accessibility to schools.