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Alternatives to travel

We've reduced travel significantly by using the following solutions for meetings where it isn't necessary for everyone to meet in person. Many jobs involve going into our communities to meet people or visit sites, but not all meetings need to be in person.

Our biggest savings will be from avoiding travel time, which is often 'lost time', and the following solutions have already helped us to reduce travel significantly.

Microsoft Teams

You can use Microsoft Teams to conduct regular meetings and avoid the need to travel.

Teams meetings should be considered unless there are good reasons for the meeting to be in person.

Hybrid meeting rooms

You can use a hybrid meeting room which allows some of the meeting participants to be in a meeting room while the others join remotely and appear on the screen in the room.

Video conference rooms

We also have video conferencing suites in Chesterfield, Glossop, Ilkeston and Swadlincote.