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Miles Better - travel to work

Miles Better is our employee travel campaign, showing how travelling to work differently can bring financial and health benefits as well as helping to reduce congestion and carbon emissions.

This doesn't mean never travelling by car, but considering alternative ways of getting to work (cycling, walking, car sharing and public transport) even just once a week.

For more information about any of the Miles Better initiatives, email

Alternatives to the car


Walking is great - you can save cash, and stay fit, particularly if you walk energetically.

Even if you can't walk all the way to work you may be able to 'park and stride'? This is where you park responsibly some way from your destination and walk the rest of the journey.

For example, if you work at Shand House there's a park and stride facility at Darley Bridge picnic site.


You can find out about cycling in Derbyshire, including cycling to work, our salary sacrifice scheme to purchase a bike and equipment and ways to plan your route.

Public transport - buses and trains

You can find information about public transport, like tickets, discounts and travel planning.

Car share

We have a car share scheme that helps you find drivers with similar journeys so you can enjoy a shared social journey. There are 39 priority car share places at County Hall (2 current car share permits need to be displayed when using these spaces).

Find out more about car sharing and join our scheme.

Electric vehicle charging points

We have electric vehicle chargers in our County Hall employee car park and plan to install more at other sites.