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Employee leave schemes and flexible working

Information about our employee leave schemes and flexible working.

Annual leave entitlement

Annual leave entitlement is based on grade and length of service.

Annual leave entitlement
Employee groupBasic entitlementAfter 5 years local government service
Grades 1 to 9 25 30
Grades 10 to 13 27 32
Grades 14 and above 34 34

Further details of including how annual leave is calculated for part time working patterns and on leaving employment is contained in the Employee Leave Schemes policy attached to this page.

Employee leave schemes

A range of leave schemes are available for our employees and are explained in the employee leave schemes policy attached to this page.

Our employee leave schemes include:

  • adoption leave
  • annual leave
  • disability leave
  • flexi leave
  • foster carer leave
  • jury service
  • maternity leave
  • parental leave
  • paternity leave
  • shared parental leave
  • study leave
  • time off in lieu (toil)
  • unpaid leave

All applications for leave or time off should be discussed initially with your manager and entitlements are pro rata for part time employees and those working irregular working patterns. 

Flexible working

We promote a positive work-life balance and seek to support any employee who wishes to work flexibly, but this has to be balanced against the needs of the service. If you wish to work flexibly you should initially discuss your request with your manager.

There are a range of flexible working options available to employees. Where flexible working arrangement results in a reduction of working hours, entitlement to annual leave, bank holiday entitlement and other leave scheme entitlements will be adjusted according.

Please read the full flexible working policy attached to this page for more information.