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Book a meeting room

You can search for and book available meeting rooms at a number of our buildings.

During the current Pandemic, all meetings should take place online in the first instance. We recognise that under a very limited set of circumstances face to face meetings are the only solution and in this case meetings rooms can be booked.

Please be aware that social distancing will reduce the capacity of meeting rooms in most cases.

Please do not use meeting rooms for anything other than essential meetings.

A series of simple step-by-step guides to help you use the e-booking system are attached to this page.

Admin only rooms and local administrators

Some rooms that are restricted or need to be monitored can only be booked through a local administrator. These are different to the system administrators in that they are staff based on-site who look after and monitor the rooms.

Details of the local administrator of each site can be found on the information page for that site.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing (VC) facilities are available at 6 sites across the county enabling staff to make video conference calls both internally and externally. Using VC helps save time, money and CO2.

System administrators

System administrators cannot make, amend or cancel bookings. This should be done by the local administrators for the site.

If you have any problems searching for or booking a meeting room please see the guides attached to this page. Or you have any other issues with the system, please contact one of the system administrators:

Accessible meeting rooms

Formal access audits are in the process of being completed for each room in the system. The access audits for the committee rooms at County Hall are attached to this page.

Please use these to ensure that meetings are accessible to visitors and attendees.


The commissionaires service is able to provide refreshments for meetings and events at County Hall.

To order drinks, please complete the 'hospitality order form' attached to this page, and email

Please note that a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for any hospitality booking.

If you have any queries about the provision of hospitality at County Hall or need help with a hospitality order, please telephone ext: 38283.

No food is allowed in the Council Chamber.